Research and campaigns

Read about Citizens Advice South Gloucestershire's research and campaigns

Citizens Advice South Gloucestershire actively campaigns against unfair policies of government, service providers and other bodies – informed by our research. Tackling problems at source helps everyone, whether they have come to us for advice or not, and frees up bureau resources.

Our campaigning is effective because it is rooted in the experiences of real people, our clients. We try to have an influence at local, regional and national levels, by joining with other Citizens Advice offices in major national campaigns or by smaller pieces of local work.

What is research & campaigns work?

Citizens Advice South Gloucestershire client feedback - "I was very stressed & upset which doesn't help when you're ill - and you've made it a lot better."All of us are affected by the rules and principles which shape the services and benefits that we all rely on. These rules and principles are evident in legislation, regulations, codes of practice and the policies of service providers. However, they are not always written down or easy to find out about.

Some policies affecting clients are national, such as social security, employment and immigration laws. Others are affected by local policies and practices – such as housing benefit, community care, housing, health and education.

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