In Memory donations

Many families collect donations in memory at a loved one’s funeral or celebration of life as a special way of remembering them.

Asking or fundraising for In Memory donations is a wonderful tribute to a loved one who may have used our advice services at Citizens Advice South Gloucestershire who someone who simply loved South Gloucestershire.

Collecting donations in person

If you choose to have a memorial collection at a funeral, or celebration of life, we would love to help you in any way and would love to promote your service. If you are making funeral arrangements, your funeral director may be able to help you plan this collection but we can also provide information about our charity, Gift Aid forms and our logo and address to put on your Order of Service.

Paying in your collection – If you are posting your collection to us, please ensure you give us the following information so we can acknowledge your generosity appropriately.

  • The name of the person the funds are in memory of
  • Your details, and where you would like us to post an acknowledgement to

Posted donations and completed Gift Aid forms should be sent to:

Citizens Advice South Gloucestershire, Kennedy Way, Yate BS37 4DQ.

Online tribute funds

You may want to set up an online tribute fund to remember a loved one, either in addition to cash donations immediately around funeral arrangements, or in memory within the following year. Add photos and memories, collect donations, and share details of any fundraising you’re doing in their memory.

We can help you set it up, edit it up and share it as JustGiving page and promote it our website.

Alternatively, you can find our charity through the MuchLoved website, and create a free tribute fund through them.


For more information, please contact Katie Collier at or phone our admin line to find out more details.